One of the most rewarding parts of what I do is getting to see our goods being used and enjoyed in others’ lives and homes. So to have received these beautiful photos of Rose & Fitzgerald housewares among the mix of minimal, practical pieces that make up Bekah Stewart’s lively and bright home, was a real treat.

Bekah is a designer and seamstress (she launched her own housewares brand in September of 2013), mom of two boys, total dog lover, talented green thumb and farmer, and is an all-around lovely and inspiring person. Long before I started my business, I started following her blog, A Well Traveled Woman, and began admiring her simplistic lifestyle, hard-working approach, emphasis on nature, relationships, and the way she treasured moments big and small. To me, she represents calm, confidence, warmth and strength; and she unknowingly inspired much of my lifestyle in Uganda today; barefoot much of the time, surrounded by chickens, a huge dog, a garden, old cars, and only items in our house that we either need, or that hold meaningful value. And it’s been such a refreshing, freeing way to live.

Recently, Bekah’s home in Louisville was featured on Design Sponge, and it’s just as tranquil and creative of a space as I imagined it would be. To see a few of our goods from afar being used in this life-giving, purposeful space brings me a lot of joy —  and reminds me of what it’s really all about; creating pieces that add beauty and meaning to our day-to-day lives, all the while knowing that each product was handmade by an artisan truly invested in the end result.

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Rose & Fitzgerald Bell Jar Lamp, as seen in her bedroom. This lamp is discontinued but I might just have to bring it back…

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Rose & Fitzgerald Teak Kitchen Canister

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Rose & Fitzgerald Lime Bowl & Delicate Cow Horn Spoon Set

Photography by Whitney Neal.


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