When we started Rose & Fitzgerald, we began designing products for the contemporary home—taking cues and inspiration from existing products we were finding throughout our travels around Africa. And now, four years later, we’ve decided that we’d like to bring some of these timeless products to the spotlight, alongside our own original designs. Perhaps the only thing we love more than travel are goods that tell a story and are made imperfectly perfect by hand, using organic materials available on the most diverse continent in the world. Fortunately for us, one love led to the other.

The following photos are a glimpse into our ongoing love affair with Africa over the years. We’ve hiked to the top of the active Mount Nyiragongo volcano in DR Congo, we’ve walked with giraffes in the Serengeti plains of Tanzania, dived with Great White Sharks in South Africa, bungee jumped into the raging Nile River in Uganda and spent time with a completely wild family of gorillas in the jungles of Rwanda. Along the way, we’ve met incredible individuals and collected lifelong memories, photos and stories of some of the best adventures of our life.

We’ve also discovered simple, beautiful artifacts and goods that have an entire story and history behind them, sometimes dating back hundreds of years. These are not products meant to simply fill a space. They have purpose, meaning and significance. And because they are handmade using mastered, ancient techniques passed down from generation to generation, they carry with them the soul and story of their maker and are greatly influenced by the landscape and culture they are born from.

With that, we’re proud to introduce THE FOUND COLLECTION, a limited-edition offering of ever-evolving, one of a kind goods we’ve personally fallen in love with, collected and in some cases, carried by hand across borders—and now offer to you in this thoughtfully curated section of our shop. From a remote village in DR Congo to a thriving, modern art studio in South Africa, all pieces share a common theme—they’ve been discovered by us. And now, they’ve been found by you. Some pieces are one-off’s, vintage, with tribal origins and designs tracing back hundreds of years. Other pieces are brand new and have been created by up-and-coming designers and artists innovating the African handmade industry in exciting ways. No matter the origin, each piece is special and rare.

Our ultimate hope in creating this collection is to provide a glimpse into the huge variety of timeless, handcrafted goods that exist within Africa. It seems everywhere we turn, we’re discovering a new piece as beautiful as it is rich in meaning. These are the kinds of modern antiquities we want to fill our home with.

Shop the entire Found Collection right here. And thank you as always for following along.

Courtney & Laren


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