One of my favorite days in Queen Elizabeth National Park was the day we decided to take a boat cruise down the Kazinga Channel, a 20 mile, natural channel connecting Lake Edward and Lake George. It’s known for having one of the world’s largest concentrations of hippos and crocodiles, and it’s no joke. There are a ton of them.

It was a beautiful day, there was a nice breeze under the shaded awning, and our few hours on the boat was a nice break from the usual bumpy car rides. Looking back at these pictures, I’m realizing how unique an experience it is to see animals in their natural environment, like we did. For those hours, we were completely present. We weren’t worrying about life’s problems. We weren’t checking our emails or even the time. We were simply enjoying nature, taking in the simplicity and mystery of it.

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Floating down a channel in Uganda with good friends and good beers, surrounded by untouched nature and the sounds of a hundred different types of animals, made for the perfect afternoon adventure. It was a moment to pause, appreciate and let go of everything else for a moment. I loved that.


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