Two of my favorite pieces in the new SS14 Collection are the Triple Band Brass Cuff and Ring, and in honor of both going live on the site yesterday, I thought I’d share with you the inspiration behind the design and make of these pieces.

I’m a big fan of jewelry and accessories, but I’ve found that for my personal style, less is more. I love pieces that catch the eye, add to a simple, breezy outfit and carry with them a story and a feeling of uniqueness — yet, at the same time, aren’t distracting, overwhelming or too “loud.” I especially love the warm tones of gold, brass and copper, and have always been drawn to these metals. They remind me of sunshine, tan skin and warm sand. This cuff and ring are both made of three perfectly spaced bands, two smaller than the other. And perhaps because I’ve spent so many of my married days sitting on the beach as my husband surfs, watching the waves come in steadily in sets, I can say that this bracelet and ring were inspired by the California coast and days spent near the ocean.

It’s incredible to see a design come to life even more beautifully than you could have envisioned. And honestly, my vision would be worth nothing if it weren’t for the talent of a medal-smith named Lenny, who meticulously crafts each piece of brass jewelry that Rose & Fitzgerald offers — by hand — with passion and attention to detail that is unique and inspiring.

The ring starts out as a locally sourced, recycled piece of heavy gauge brass tubing. With precision, he manages to carve out the design and then buff, polish and varnish each ring to a smooth, shiny finish. The cuff starts out as a flat piece of sheet medal. After drawing out and measuring the bracelet’s shape, Lenny hand-stamps in our logo. Then he cuts the medal, heats it, shapes it and then like the ring, buffs, polishes and varnishes it to a high-shine. It’s an incredible process to watch and definitely makes the jewelry something special; to know it was handmade by an individual that has truly perfected their craft, gives it life and value.

TripleBandBrassCuffTripleBandBrassRing1TripleBandBrassCuffArtisan2TripleBandBrassCuffArtisan1TripleBandBrassCuffsCompleteTripleBandBrassRingArtisan3TripleBandBrassCuffBuffing TripleBandBrassCuffArtisan4TripleBandBrassCuffBuffing2 FinishedTripleBandBrassRings FinishedTripleBandBrassCuffs

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All the pieces you have for sale are beautiful! I just ordered the triple band brass ring (for myself) and the whiskey tumblers (for my dad). I have been reading your blog for just a few weeks and I am really enjoying all the pictures and stories you share. Your blog is quickly becoming a favorite of mine and a place I know I can go to a find something positive. Hope to continue to follow your journey and see what new pieces you create and share!

Courtney Poole

Jessica, thank you so much for your kind words and for supporting Rose & Fitzgerald! I hope you love your ring and that your dad loves his tumblers. Thanks also for following the blog — it’s such a joy to know that you find positivity in my posts, as that is surely one of my goals.


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