Today we launch a collection of new home goods that has been such a fun adventure designing, developing and working alongside our artisans to execute. These additions to our growing home collection celebrate the natural and rare materials so special to this beautiful region — local, Mugavu and Teak hardwoods sourced from the plentiful wooded forests of central and western Uganda, ethically sourced and beautifully marbled Ankole cattle horn indigenous to East Africa, recycled, solid heavy-gauge brass packed full of character, and palm and banana leaves that are dried in the sun and then naturally dyed using non-toxic pigments from seeds, roots, flowers and berries.

This collection was made possible by our master woodworkers, metal-smiths and cow horn artisans based in bustling Kampala. In addition, we partnered with an amazing women’s weaving cooperative in a rural, quiet mountain village in Fort Portal. They have blown us away with their abilities and willingness to work alongside us on a unique weaving design, committing weeks of hard work to create even a single piece.

We’re so excited to continue shedding light on this little corner of the world, where we’ve found so much hidden talent and artistry, as well as patience and care for the creation of each product.

Shop our full, handcrafted home collection right here.

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