Last month, my little sister Emily, and her husband Zack, traveled all the way from Philadelphia to visit our home in Kampala, experience a bit of our day-to-day, and adventure with us to northern Uganda, where we went on Safari and boated The Nile. The trip was one of the best of my life, and the time we spent together was rich, meaningful, and life-giving. Having the opportunity to share this magical place with them, which is such an important part of who I am, was truly a gift — and seeing Uganda through their eyes was an incredible reminder of how special life is here.

Zack brought along a medium-format, 70mm film camera, and I absolutely love the way he captured every aspect of our journey together. From having drinks and playing cards at home, to standing in awe and wonder at the power of Murchison Falls, not a detail was overlooked. I know I’ll cherish these photos for life.

Here’s part one of our trip, at home in Kampala. More photos from the rest of our trip to come!

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