Our trip to Ethiopia was a beautiful turning point for Rose & Fitzgerald. Prior to visiting this stunning country, a place of beautiful and ancient culture, we had carried products exclusively handmade in Uganda. But all it took was one visit to bustling Addis Ababa, and we knew expanding the birthplace of our products, as well as our material offering, was the right choice.

Meeting the group of master weavers behind our clean and simply designed collection of textiles, inspired by coastal California living, was such a memorable experience. We were greeted with warm smiles, firm handshakes and lots of laughter. We were given a tour of their fair-trade workshops and were able to view their age-old weaving process from start to finish. It became evident that these artisans were talented beyond measure and had a true love for their craft.

We learned that the organic Ethiopian cotton used is handpicked and then spun on looms, and the dyes used are natural and non-toxic. There are tiny black spots or specs that you can sometimes see in the material, which are from natural seeds of the cotton. We love that this makes each piece unique and slightly textured—but no less soft.

The collection of throws and pillow covers that resulted from our collaboration with these artisans does a great job of showcasing not only the super-soft natural cotton used, but also the unique talent and style of each maker.

We’re so excited to share these goods from afar with you—this time, from the Horn of Africa. As always, thank you for joining and supporting us along this wild ride!

Shop the Ethiopia Handspun Cotton Collection right here.

P.S. A big thanks to our favorite photography duo, Hazel & Pine, for capturing the weavers so beautifully!


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