The Fresh Exchange, a blog written by Megan Gilger with photographs by her husband and business partner Mike, is so far beyond that of a typical blog. Megan has found a way to authentically and creatively share her life, her lessons, her dreams, her travels and the brands and people that she believes in and that inspire her creative work, with a dedicated following of readers all over the world. Never have I read blog posts that are so rich in content and so beautifully inspiring. They never feel as though they are written without passion or meaning. Rather, Megan decides only to include content that has actually touched her life, whether in big or small ways.

When I first found out about Megan, through a mutual friend, I was immediately hooked. Reading her posts and following her creative eye through her Pinterest and Instagram accounts became part of my morning routine. (And based on her HUGE following, I am most certainly not alone.)

Fast-forward a couple of years, and a few emails back and forth later, and I can’t believe that Megan has chosen to feature Rose & Fitzgerald as part of her Wild Measures series. I’m truly so excited for you to read Laren and I’s journey through Megan’s lens and perspective. She has beautifully put into words all we’ve been through, and the huge leaps we took in order to make this dream of ours a reality. I hope that it inspires you to take a wild measure as well; to be a little crazy and to finally chase that dream. I believe that in the end, it is those choices that you’ll remember and be so proud of.

Read the full feature here.




Hi! I read The Fresh Exchange post purely by chance and am so happy to have found you! Seriously inspiring stuff and I’m really looking forward to having a good explore of your blog :) My boyfriend and I have just moved to Vietnam and are at the very beginning of our journey but I’m really hoping one day to be in a similar position to you. I too have a huge appreciation for artisans and am slowly starting to work on related projects here too. Keep up the awesome work!

Courtney Poole

Verity, thank you so much for reading — really glad you found us! So cool that you and your boyfriend just moved to Vietnam. It’s a place I’d love to visit! Best of luck pursuing your dreams there! Keep me in touch on how it all unfolds :)


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