Less than a week ago, we arrived back in Kampala after spending 6 days and 5 nights in Queen Elizabeth National Park, where we traveled with great friends that visited us all the way from California. In a nutshell, we had the time of our lives.

We sweat the entire 8 hour journey there, in our old Land Rover named Rosie. She has no A/C or Stereo, and we managed to pop a tire on the way. So needless to say, our energy level was a little low when we pulled up to Kyambura Game Lodge late in the afternoon. But immediately upon arrival, we were handed cold towels and cold juice, and I think at that moment, I knew that everything was going to be amazing. And it was. Due to it being low season, we were the only guests at the lodge for our entire 3 nights there. Each couple got their own super spacious and beautifully decorated cottage. Its walls were made of canvas, giving it the feel of luxury camping (except that it didn’t come anywhere close to camping. The bed was huge and super comfortable.) Being situated high up on a hill meant that there was a constant breeze throughout our room. And since each cottage had its own porch, overlooking natural beauty for miles and miles, we’d keep our doors open to enjoy the fresh air and sounds of nature. 

KyamburaLodgeTentKyamburaLodgeStairway KyamburaLodgePorch KyamburaLodgePorch3KyamburaLodgeBed KyamburaLodgeMeinRoom KyamburaLodge1 KyamburaLodgeRoom

The very first thing we did was enjoy a refreshing  dip in the pool. (When you’ve been in a hot car all day, this is about as good as it gets.) Later, as the sun went down, we sipped sundowners on the balcony and took in the view, because seriously, that view. The multi-course meals we ate were beyond delicious. They had homemade bread that I devoured at every chance. They cooked with organic vegetables from their own garden and everything was served by the friendliest staff I’ve ever experienced. Abraham and Albert: if you’re reading this … you’re the best.

KyamburaPaulandJennPoolside KyamburaLodgeGirlsinPool




And that my friends, is Kyambura Game Lodge — my new favorite lodge in Uganda and definitely one I’d recommend should you ever find yourself on this side of the world.

Really excited to share with you the epic Safari experiences we had during our time in Queen Elizabeth. Much more to come…



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